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The Construction - 1937/1943 

In 1937, at the behest of Benito Mussolini, due on the proximity to the capital, was started on Monte Soratte the construction of several tunnels inside the mountain, which had to serve as an air-raid shelter for the high posts of the Italian Army, although in the guise of the Breda arms factory: they used to be so-called "protected factories of the Duce". The works were carried out under the direction of the Military Engineers of Rome and, even today, this underground labyrinth offered one of the largest and most impressive military engineering works in Europe (about 4 km long: a real underground city).

The German Occupation - 1943/1944

During the Second World War, particularly in September 1943, the "Supreme Command of the South" of the German occupation forces in Italy, led by Field Marshal Albert Kesselring, settled on the Soratte. 

For a period of about ten months, the tunnels lent themselves as a valid secret refuge for Nazi troops and resisted the heavy bombing of 12 May 1944, carried out by two flocks of B-17 allies, who left specifically from Foggia to destroy the German headquarters. Over the Soratte, it would seem that, before leaving the area, the Field Marshal gave orders to mine and set fire to the entire underground complex and to bury some boxes containing part of the gold stolen from the Bank of Italy: they have never been found.

Discovering the underground refuge!

The realization of the Antiatomic Buker - 1967/1972

For years, after the escape of German troops followed to the bombing, the complex experienced periods of total abandonment. It was only in 1967, during the years of the Cold War, that, under the aegis of NATO, a section of the tunnels was modified, which assumed the appearance of an anti-atomic bunker, which would have hosted the Italian government and the president of the Italian republic in the event of an atomic attack on the capital.

The works, only partially completed, continued until 1972, when, for still uncertain reasons, they were abruptly interrupted.

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